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Your world class supplier of flavour, food & fragrance products.

We pride ourselves in excellent collaboration and high standards, to meet your every need.

Food is about so much more! Let's touch lives and impact nations together!

With a passion to impact the world with flavour, while prioritising sustainability and sticking to our company values at all times, the product range that FHI Flavour House International (Pty) Ltd. can Develop, Manufacture, Package & Supply include but is not limited to the following:
Liquid & Powder Flavours

Our products carry authentic flavours, resulting in a better quality final product your clients will love.

Sweet & Savoury Flavours

From sweet to savoury and everything in between, obtain all your flavour solutions in one place.

Bread & Bakery Premixes

We don't stop at flavours - trust us for quality premixes, ready to use to simplify your workflow and supply chain.

Snacks & Various Food Products

From snack seasoning to nutrition and fortification - let's collaborate and create products that meet your need.

World-Class Quality Products

You get the best in the industry thanks to our focus on consumer research and product development. With every project, we bring our creativity and innovation to the table, to ensure you get the best possible final product. 

You can have peace of mind about quality of each FHI product - while we follow customer requirements to the letter, we make sure to comply with all relevant food regulations, standards and legislation.

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Why choose us?

On behalf of my team, Cecile and myself would like to thank you for your dedicated manner and professionalism in assisting not only formulating new products whether it be for our new meat processing plant, Spice blending facility, and Baking ingredients. We value your support and that of FHI. May you grow from strength to strength.

Large Food Manufacturing Plant

We develop, manufacture, pack & supply

You get a 360° solution for your product development and supply. Benefit from a streamlined process and lower costs from start to finish.

Excellent service through drive & passion

It's our #1 passion to see your products benefit your brand. With your end user knowledge combined with the FHI expertise, you get best in business. 

Value driven innovation & creativity

Our values prompt us to stay innovative for our clients' benefit, while always acting with integrity. Our ethical standards mean you can be proud of your FHI partnership.

Customer-centred, hands-on approach

Our focus is helping you obtain products that meet your needs. Working in close partnership with you results in products that make a difference.

About us

We are FHI Flavour House International (Pty) Ltd. and for over 30 years, we've been involved in product and flavouring solutions.

Thanks to our world-class quality, innovative approach and excellent client collaboration, we're your vendor for:

  • Manufacturing
  • Development
  • Packing
  • Supply

As an International Flavour and Food Products Developing and Manufacturing Company, our processes include in depth consumer research and product development. Combined with our creative approach, we help local and international customers create products to benefit their brands.

Over the years, FHI has obtained experience in a diverse range of products, ranging from flavours, beverages and food products to items in the cosmetics and fragrance industry. 

FHI manufactures products locally, always ensuring they comply with food regulations and standards, as well as legal requirements. 

When our customers add value to their business thanks to an FHI product, we've done our job. 

Our Vision and Values

Touching Lives - Impacting Nations

World Class Quality

For local and international customers, we provide products that exceed expectations.


As a respected and reputable brand in the industry, we value integrity and have zero tolerance for misconduct and corruption.

Customer Focused

Your needs come first. We use your requirements as guide to create and supply the products that will make a difference out there. 

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Our passion to impact lives across the globe, has inspired us to participate in a wide range of products, from food to fragrances.


Our creative approach continually finds new ways to impact lives through flavours and food, while ensuring customers get the best products possible.

Value Adding

Our clients' success is our focus. How can we help you obtain products that benefit your brand?

Our Mission

Let's work together to touching individual lives through flavour and food, thereby impacting nations one bite at a time. 

The FHI team is equipped, using years of experience and loads of creativity to bring to reality the products you have only dreamed of.

Throughout  the process, we ensure all products align with the necessary standards and legislation, giving you peace of mind that you'll provide a safe product to your customers. 

Never have we allowed corruption or bribes to affect our work, giving our client base 100% guarantee that you're partnering with the right supplier. 

Thanks to our ongoing research on customer needs and products, there will always be more world class, impressive products that we can create together.

What can we help YOU with today?

What our clients are saying

It’s my pleasure to recommend FHI Flavour House International (Pty) Ltd.

During the past two years, I work directly with Pollyann Boy on numerous projects. Her company offers top-notch quality, service and a wide range of knowledge and expertise. 

Pollyann has successfully change and developed products for our customer needs that are cost effective. I believe that her creativity and knowledge of the food industry led to increase in our sales and customer satisfaction.

She is always very helpful, thrives under pressure and very sensitive to any fears that we might have regarding the process and changes of our product range.

Her work and preparation and insights are widely recognized and appreciated in the Food Industry.



QUALITY Guarantee

Products are developed according to customer requirements adhering to legislation and legal requirements. Our aim is to provide our local and international customers with value-added, high-quality, world-class products and provide the best possible service and turnaround times possible.

Let's touch lives and impact nations together